About GJA

When did my interest in photography begin? Come to think of it, I do know how and when it all started.  My first academic experience with photography was back in high school.  I ended up taking a summer class in B&W photography with some friends to fulfill our art requirement.  This is where I learned the basics of getting a correct exposure and even some darkroom work.  I borrowed my dad’s old Canon AE-1 Program (all black finish) 35mm film camera as I experimented with lights and shadows, depth of field, panning, and motion.  The class was quite interesting and I even found out I was pretty good at taking pictures.  My favorite shoots were Balboa Park and the pandas at the San Diego Zoo.  At the end of the course, Mrs. Hawkins gave me an A but more importantly introduced me to an amazing outlet for creativity.  It’s such a shame that soon after the summer had ended I put down the camera and started focusing more on my “real” classes like mathematics, biology, english, etc.

I went thru the rest of high school and most of college without even picking up another slr.  I had thought about photo journalism once or twice, but was told to stay focused on my Mathematics courses.  It wasn’t until my girlfriend got us a Canon XSi did I find a renewed passion for photography.  After using the camera, I had flashbacks of the old film slr I used back in high school and knew that I now had the time (and some extra money) to pursue photography as a hobby.  After a couple years, I upgraded to a Canon 60D in September of 2010.  I have been taking pictures regularly since then and have been learning something new almost every day.  I continue to read books on exposure, composition, post processing, and more to help nurture growth in my photography.  It’s rare to see me out without my camera nowadays.  The best way to improve is to take more and more pictures.  I’ve also joined some groups online and even meetup with photography friends and/or strangers in hopes of learning more.   Most notably, I’m an active member of a small California-wide group, Point, Aim, Double-Tap, which hopes to soon make its presence known in the photographic world.

Check out my other pages (links above)!  I would love to take pictures at your next event so you and your families can share and remember.  I am also available for family portraits, headshots, and promotional and model shoots.

Contact me for pricing!


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