Modeling in San Pedro

Thanks to Patrick Manzon, PJM Photography, I was able to help out in another model shoot.  This past Saturday, we shot with the sweet, funny, and playful Danielle, Miss Long Beach.  She even brought her dog, Ozzy, along with her.  We all headed down to San Pedro and the Friendship Bell to grab some shots.  Funny side note: while in Long Beach, I asked Siri to “Take me to San Pedro” and she replies with, “Sorry Gabriel, I can’t provide maps and directions in Paraguay.”  Anyways, we eventually got there but, there was a wedding planned at the bell today so we had to snap a few frames quickly before the ceremony started.  We then headed down to park and cliff-side walkway to shoot the rest of her outfits.  We found a nice, slightly worn down structure, some picnic tables, and a giant tree as different scenes for our shots.  I was able to grab some shots of Ozzy too while Danielle was changing outfits.  After a couple more shots here and there, she wanted to take some with her puppy so of course we were able to snap some for her.  That pretty much ended our shoot for the day.  It was a really fun shoot, once again, full of jokes, laughter, making new friends and of course amazing shots!

I’ve learned a lot since my first portraits shoots so I hope the results show this growth.  Thanks to Danielle for being a great model and PJ for driving us out there and shooting too!

Photographers: Gabriel J. Almario and PJM Photography
Model: Danielle Tellez
Location: San Pedro

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