Old Track New Experience

For the longest time now, I’ve been asking my girl to just let me take some pictures of her.  She finally gave in and decided to do a shoot with me.  She’s never really liked taking pictures, so this was huge for me.  I knew I had to jump on the opportunity before she changed her mind.  Luckily, she had just got a couple new dresses that she wanted to try out along with her bike for the shoot.

We picked out a location where an old, abandoned railroad track lay. It is located near a residential road, so there wasn’t much traffic to deal with.  However, we did get lots of looks from all the passers by, rubbernecking to see what was going on.  This being her first shoot ever, I had some fears.  I wasn’t sure if she’d take direction well and if she’d just fool around the whole time.  Thankfully, to my surprise neither, happened.

The shoot was like others, more fun than work and that’s how I like it.  I did get the shots I wanted and she had some suggestions for shots that turned out really nice too.  We got lots of fun frames and some serious ones as well.  I even made a cameo in one of the shots; well at least my jeans and shoes did!

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit scared that working together on this would be slightly disastrous, but we didn’t have a hard time at all.  In fact, it was quite the opposite!  She was a great model to work with since I actually know her true personality and we could joke around a little more than I usually do.  She took my direction well and didn’t complain one bit even though we were out shooting for like two and a half hours out in the warm valley sun.  We managed to do two different looks in that time with and without the bike.

She says she’s a terrible model, but I disagree.  I thought she did very well for her first time ever.  The location influenced my editing process, thus the older/vintage looking processing and effects.  I am very pleased with the results, so without further ado…

Location: Chandler Rail to Trail – Victory End
Model: Nikko Manzon
Photographer: Gabriel J. Almario

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