Race Tracks and Food Trucks

October 1st was Breeders’ Cup Challenge Day at the Santa Anita Park so there was already a lot to be excited about race-wise.  However, I’m not too big a fan or follower of horse races.  The real reason I came out to the tracks that Saturday was because I’m a foodie!  After catching wind of the Food Truck Festival over the radio, I immediately did some research online.  My girl had been wanting to go to a food truck meetup for the past couple weeks so what better a place to bring her than a gathering of 70 of LA’s finest food mobiles?

Neither of us had ever been to the Santa Anita Park, but were pleasantly surprised upon first entering.  The grounds are well decorated and manicured.  You can definitely tell you’re at a racetrack since the courtyard is filled with the horse-shaped bushes and lavish fountains.  I had wanted to take some pictures of the surroundings, but my stomach had other ideas.  We had skipped out on breakfast that morning so we could indulge in our gastronomic adventure.

Quickly following the signs guiding us towards the festival, we must have missed one because we found ourselves along the viewing area on the outer edge of the tracks.  But there we saw it, almost 70 food trucks littered across the infield.  We quickly asked an attendant which way to the infield and he instructed us to walk down some stairs and we’d find a tunnel that would lead us there.  It wasn’t long before we had emerged from said tunnel were greeted by another attendant with a map laying out where each food truck was.  Eager to see what was there, we grabbed a map and just started walking around.  Unfortunately, we were under some time constraints and would have to move quickly if we wanted to sample all the trucks we had in mind.

As we walked around we saw a long line forming outside The Grilled Cheese Truck, so why not grab some food to grub on while we wait in that line.  So, we decided our first stop would be the @WhiteRabbitTruk where we would start the day off with some Filipino Fusion.  We grabbed a sisig burrito and some white chocolate champorado to enjoy while we stood in line for our grilled cheese sandwich.  I’ve had the burrito before and loved it, but it was Nikko’s first time for the Filipino-Mexican food combo.  She too fell hard; like me, it was love at first bite.  After quickly devouring the burrito (stopping just long enough for a quick snapshot) we decided to taste a little of our dessert.  The white chocolate champorado was creamy and delicious!  But we managed to set it aside and save it for after the grilled cheese sandwich.

It wasn’t too long after that we found ourselves at the front of the long, windy line of the @grlldcheesetruk.  We noticed the special for the day, The Trifecta Melt, and found it a fitting choice since we were at the races.  We decided on that melt and boy was it a great decision!  It was jalepeno cheese bread, stuffed with roast beef, red onions, and melty sharp cheddar!  I really wish we ordered two because we almost finished the sandwich before I even remembered to take a photo!  The roast beef and red onions married well with the sharp cheddar and each bite was as tasty as the previous one.  When we finished it I almost started eating the wrapper hoping some of the flavor soaked into it.  Surprisingly enough, it was very filling though.

Our time was running a little thin and we needed to start heading out.  Although we had thought we’d make it to more of the trucks, we just decided to grab a drink from @thebobatruck and call it a day.  She ended up getting the mango black tea and I the lychee black tea with lychee jelly.  The drinks were a perfect way to wash down all the greasy food we had consumed throughout the day.  They were reasonably priced and tasted great!

I wish we had more time to spend at the race track that day and were able to catch some of the races, but we had some other things to attend to.  I believe this is the fourth time they’ve had the food truck festival at the races and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  We’ll definitely be making our way out there again and I suggest everyone in the area do the same!

Event: Food Truck Festival
Location: Santa Anita Park

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