Shin-Sen-Gumi Little Tokyo

I’ve definitely grown an affinity for all things Japanese thanks to my girlfriend who believes she is part Japanese.  So, it’s no surprise we frequent Little Tokyo in downtown LA.

This time around, we were accompanied by our friends and decided to grab some ramen from the newly opened Hakata Ramen.  Shin-Sen-Gumi doesn’t disappoint.  Like the other two locations in Rosemead and Gardena, the place delivers amazing tasting, made to order ramen.  The Little Tokyo branch has a little more to offer though.  I noticed more add-ins, or toppings, and a few more entrees.  My girlfriend and I were happy enough that we didn’t have to drive out of our way to one of the other locations, but to know this location has a little extra is just the icing on the cake.  The staff is very welcoming and attentive.  I also enjoy the decor of this location much more than the other two, except for the fact that this one doesn’t have the “traditional” sit on the floor table like the Gardena one.  The ramen sieve/strainer chandelier was definitely a nice touch though!

After dinner, the girls did some shopping so I did some photo taking.  I didn’t come up with much though since I tried travelling light that night with camera and lens only; no accessories.  It’s very difficult to get any decent shots at night with low lights, no flash, and no tripod.  After shopping, we grabbed some dessert/tea from Four Leaf Tea and Crepes.  Here are some shots from that night…

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