My First Visit to Descanso Gardens

I’ve been completely caught up with human subjects that I’ve forgotten all about my macro lens.  My friend Manny suggested a trip out to Descanso Gardens and I thought that’d be a great opportunity to put some milage on my L lens.

We decided to meet up pretty early so as to avoid the harsh lighting of midday.  Around 8:45am, he was able to get me into the gardens for free (a perk for card holding members) and we started walking around the grounds looking for some insects.  I guess it was still too early though, nothing was awake except a couple squirrels.  So we walked around a bit and looked at the different plant life littered all around us.  The sun started coming out and turned the warm morning into a burning hot day.  All the flying targets finally decided to come out and show themselves.  We posted up near an bush with bright orange flowers as it seemed to be the insects favorite spot.  This is where we got the majority of our keepers.  After a while, we tried to find some colorful dragonflies, but couldn’t find any close enough to walkable paths to take nice shots of so we ended our day with that.  Overall, I’d say it was a very successful trip to the gardens for my first time.  I hope to return when more flowers are in bloom and maybe I’ll bring along a spray bottle to give the flowers a morning dew look for their photo op.  Thanks again Manny for getting me into the gardens!  Please enjoy the pictures from today…

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