Live, Laugh, Love, and Wipeout

This past weekend, Nikko and I went out to La Jolla where we had a photo shoot / kayaking trip planned out.  We were rushing down the I-5 as we had woken up a little later than we had hoped for and were running late.  Beach Shoot San Diego said that we had to be there at 9:30 on the dot or they would leave without us.  Eventually we made it to the place, but had a little trouble finding parking on the crowded neighboring streets.  Luckily, we made it into the shop just in time.

The first part of the photo shoot was on the beach.  Our photographer, Cody, gave us a few directions.  He had us walk hand in hand turning back to towards the camera a couple times, walk out a few more steps, kiss, etc. etc.  Then he told us to just have fun on the beach, kick water up at each other, give her a piggy back ride, twirl her around.  We drew in the sand and watched it all wash away with the tide.  It was actually really fun.  I’ve lived near the beach all my life and don’t usually frequent it, but it was a beautiful day and I was out having fun with my girl.  Cody then had us take a few extra shots while on this fence-like post-like structure.  We had to look at each other, laugh, kiss, and all that, but we mostly just laughed.  We never do anything this serious and it was difficult trying to stay serious.  The first half of our photo shoot adventure ended on a high note.

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Now the part that I’m not too fond of, the water.  It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of the water, but I still gave it a go and went out there into the great blue abyss.  This was our first time kayaking so my girl and I were trying to watch people as they went out on their kayaks to see if we could pick up any tips or pointers.  All we could come up with though was to keep perpendicular to the waves and just keep paddling.  Seems easy enough right?!  Our turn came up and we started heading out.  A set started breaking in and we made it over one wave, the second wave, then it came… the biggest wave of the morning.  Needless to say, we did not make it over that one.  The wave propelled the nose of our kayak skyward and launched us back towards the beach.  Apparently, Nikko got to kiss the kayak before it expelled us, leaving her with a slightly puffy bottom lip.  It was a pretty bad spill, but to my surprise I was more willing to give it another go than she was.  And I’m glad we did, we were able to make it out of the treacherous waves and into the calm waters.  The rest of the day was just smooth paddling.  I even managed to keep our kayak upright while we were going back into shore.  In the end, the day was full of life, laughter, love, and wipeouts!

It was quite an experience.  I’m not so sure I would do it all over again the exact same way, but I wouldn’t mind kayaking in a lake!  Please enjoy the pictures taken by Beach Shoots and edited by yours truly, geejayaay photography!

Photographers: Beach Shoot – La Jolla
Models: Gabe & Nikko
Editing/Retouching: Gabriel J. Almario


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