Mireya – Future Miss California 2012

So I went from having no model photography experience to shooting two model shoots in five days.  I guess I’m trying to hit the ground running.  It’d be nice to just keep the shoots coming though if I plan on catching up experience-wise.  Time to absorb all the new tips and tricks from various photographers so that I’ll be able to go out on my own shoots soon!

Thursday’s shoot was with another amazing model, Mireya.  She’s an upcoming contestant for the Miss California 2012 Pageant.  Surprisingly, she too broke all preconceived notions I had about models.  I guess the “norm” isn’t actually the norm or I just got really really lucky.  She too is a self-proclaimed “nerd”, which is awesome haha.  Either way, thanks to Patrick (PJM Photography) for allowing me to tagalong on this shoot.  It wasn’t a meetup shoot, just a little private thing that I was asked to join in on, and of course I was down.  I need to get as much exposure to this kind of shooting as I possibly can!  Well, we ended up getting shots at the Disney Concert Hall, getting kicked out at the Watermark, a couple shots on a side street off Cypress, grabbed some lunch, then shots at Griffith Park.  Mireya didn’t once complain even though she was in a black dress and heels most of the day.  She was even down for some Filipino food for lunch!  It was definitely a fun-filled day of hanging out and a little photography.  Applied things I learned from last Sunday and learned a couple new things.  I was very happy with the results, so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves…  And don’t forget to tune in and support Mireya for the next Miss California 2012.

Accompanying Photog: PJM Photography
Model: Mireya Lopez
Photographer: Gabriel J. Almario

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